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Your domain name is the core component of your online presence--it is a piece of online real estate that not only belongs to you or your business but represents your brand world-wide. Choosing the right domain name is only the first step for securing your company's online presence. Moving into a quality web host that delivers as promised is most important second only to the quality of your website.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service provided by companies (the web host) that sell or lease space on a server where the files that make-up your website are stored and made accessible through the internet.

What is "managed" web hosting?

Managed web hosting is where a company handles all of your hosting needs from design to deployment. They design, develop, deploy and manage your website code and performance on systems carefully configured and calibrated to specifically serve HTML 5 and its assisted technologies, and they manage your domain 24/7/365 from A-Z so you don't have to.

NextGen CGI Only Provides Managed Web Hosting

How much does it cost?

The cost of hosting a website varies based upon its size and the amount of data being consumed per month. Another factor considered is the work load placed on the server's processors and the amount of resources needed to host your website efficiently.

NextGen CGI managed web hosting services are included as a part of our licensing agreement on each of our CGI applications. We also provide managed web hosting for websites we did not construct.

For most businesses wanting to utilizing our managed web hosting services our base rate starts at $125 per month, for the first six months (during the adjustment period), then $25 per month for each month thereafter. All managed webhosting accounts must contract with NextGen CGI, LLC for a minimum period of one year.

Do I get support services?

Web hosting support is essential and includes all aspects of managing the server and its resources on a continual, 24-hour basis. We provide 24/7 on-demand live support on all our products and services, as part of the service agreement, and in doing so we are 100% committed to answering your questions, handling your workloads, such as expanding or downgrading needed resources, and we're constantly monitoring for technical issues such as memory leaks, theft of bandwidth, attempted hacks, etc. We further employ sophisticated monitoring and reporting software that alerts our technicians whenever any problems are detected, provide full and detailed error reports, and which assist in routing visitors to the best performing server at any given time.

If I already have a web host, can you move me over?

Moving your website from one host to another can be a real challenge, especially when taking into consideration custom server configuration and advanced settings. Not only must great care be given to moving all your data from one server to another, but the website itself must be evaluated and calibrated to run efficiently on the new host. Whether you have a small, medium, large, or behemoth website we have the knowledge, expertise, and data transfer ability to get the job done in the shortest time possible. Even more, after we complete the migration process our team of experts are there to insure everything runs perfectly as intended and without any technical issues that might hinder the speed, reliability, and performance of your brand on the Net.

What is the advantage of having NextGen CGI host my website?

The advantage to having NextGen CGI host your website is that your Internet real estate resides on a vast network of server and data centers located around the globe, extensive redundancy, 24/7 domain and website monitoring, and on-demand live support. But we don't stop there. We also incorporate powerful error reporting and notification features into your website with techs on hand to provide on-demand system repair, restore, and server optimization whenever the need is detected. This system allows us to serve you through a silent means to recovery without the need of your having to contact our support specialists to report errors or request repair.

How do I employ NextGen CGI managed web hosting services?

As any company should, NextGen CGI takes its reputation from the integrity of its quality in service and best practices.

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We manage all hosting features and settings with this industry-standard control panel.

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We keep the websites we own and manage online with truly balanced CPU, RAM and Disk IO limits

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We host all the websites we own and manage using the Apache web and application servers.

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Ionis Cloud

We protect your content 24/7 with full image backups to ensure you have everything backed up in one place.